Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Q&A time to ask the questions!!!

Hullo all!
The dolls have been getting very excited about the holidays... :D

Some of you said that you would like a Q&A vlog thingy So this is how it shall work!
You have to ask me questions! But another thing you can ask the girls(aka the dollies), just put their name in front of the question like this,
Kanani, what's your favourite colour?
See? Really simple! Just ask the questions down below, or you can chat them to me on G+, I will not answer some questions if I choose not to, just a warning. So go ask away! And I'll try and get the video made and posted!
Thank you again for being awesome followers!
Hopefully exciting posts coming soon!


  1. I nominated you a couple of awards! At -

  2. #1 Whats your favorite color? (mines yellow and pink.)
    #2 Do you like curly or straight American Girl doll hair?
    #3 Does Kit have a favorite doll of her own?
    #4 which American Girl historical character is your favorite?