Monday, 8 December 2014

Another Christmas shoot!

Our second post today is a photo-shoot that I did several weeks ago...and being the bad blogger that I am...I forgot to post it! So here it is! Our second Christmas photo-shoot this year(I think!)
We had a lot of fun getting everyone where they needed to be...they were being so cooperative! 

 Different lighting

 Such pretty girls! some of the mini girls made it in too!

 Can you see Caroline? she was keeping warm.
 Oh my goodness...this part of the picture was so fun to create! it looked empty, so I added and added some more, and kept adding until the pictures were taken! look closely to see all the details!
Becca and Marie got to sit on Penny.

And of course there is a close up of Kit.

I'm sorry for all these posts at once, I found time when I could do them, and decided to do them! I hope you don't mind! there will be another one up soon!



  1. Oh how lovely Lu! :D Mum said we can write a card if we have your address first.. then I'll slip a card in the mail descreetly.. :P

  2. Lovely photo shoot! Everyone looks great. It's great that the minis got in on too (although mini Kit seemed a bit distracted) and some of the pets.

    Not a bad blogger...Lanie's October trip still hasn't been featured. She's getting a bit annoyed by that, but she's still waiting for her turn to share.