Tuesday, 8 July 2014

B-day's and some other things!

Hullo Fellow Followers!
today we're going to show you just some small things that have been going on!
We'll start with Marie, take it over girl.
"Okay! Hi girls! first off, I would like to tell you all that, I am adjusting very easily to my new home, it was so strange finally being out of a box, it was kind of intimidating to be approached by that many girls, your first day. but things are going well! Sorry about the Pajamas! I haven't had time to change yet! the Redhead...or Lu has been trying to figure out what colours i look best in! it is really quite interesting!
but I was going to show you something in particular...

This teacup....isn't it gorgeous? Lu's mumsy gave it to me the third day i was here!

it's so sweet! Kit says that she'll make us some tea soon so i can try it out!
over to you Ruth!"
"Thanks girl, Hi out there! Lu told me to show y'all the newest LEGO Friends Magazine!"

"here is the cover! WE found an awesome blog a while back, that updates us on LEGO Friends, so we can see the new sets before they come out! It is really helpful!
anyway, WE think they're coming out with Jungle sets next! some of them are really cute!

there is a story in it,

and instructions on how to build a Jungle Bench, it is really cute, we might have Bren build it for us! We'll post a picture if we do! and also it gives you inspiration to build Merida a Arrow! really cool idea!"

"okay! thanks girls! here are some pictures of the Kitty of late!"

 some of our friends and family have been having B-day's and We forgot to post about them...sorry guys!
Uncle C, had a B-day!
Mum bought a new desk, and Annie adopted it as a new seat!
And so Did My Princess! yes Annie did, we got her seven years ago on July 5th i do believe!
and My PenPal's B-day was the sixth! Happy Birthday to you guys! sorry it is late!
I think that is it for now!

"Bye girls! thanks for stopping by!"

Have a Happy Summer day!

~Lu, Ruthie & Marie-Grace
P.S. 40 days til Lu's B-day!!!


  1. Cute! Marie-Grace looks ADORABLE in those PJ's! :) And happy Early Birthday Lu! =D


  2. Great post!
    The tea cup and desk are my favorite parts. I know exactly where I would put a desk like that in our house. It too would probably end up a favorite resting spot of a kitty (Annie is adorable).
    Happy birthday!

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