Saturday, 5 July 2014

Independence day, MG

Hullo out there! 
here are some pics from yesterday, when we were up at our grandparent's house.
the light was so pretty in the trees

Marie-Grace came with me of course.

this was her patriotic outfit.

and Lissie also came along.
This is her outside by the blueberry bushes.



neighbourly donkey 

MG Again

brennan put a flag he built on top of Big Ben...


crazy sisters,


MG in 'Caroline's work dress' doesn't this look perfect on her?

and Lissie in Kit's dress.

and these were taken the night before last at home.

on our way to Mississippi.

This is right after i came home with the surprise,
KIT: Come over here....girls, we have somebody to introduce you to.
Others: Who?
KIT: You'll see! Come can come out.
Marie-Grace stepped out from behind the table's leg, "Hi..."
Kit smiled at her, "Girls, Meet Marie-Grace, our new sister, and our surprise." the girls looked Marie up and down, there mouths open agape, Kanani stepped forward, "Hi there! I'm kanani!"
"Maire, let's introduce you to our sisters,"
"This is kanani,"
*Saige Waves*
"And Ruthie,"
"How do you do?"

"Hullo, I'm Marie-grace..."
We'll hear some more details on the new Sister soon, be sure to check out the Darling Dolls page for her details!

When I was thinking about buying her, I wasn't sure, because there were almost no details on her on the website. so i was just going by reviews, and pictures off of Blogs, So I thought I'd show y'all her details.

her hair is gorgeous! I think is might be close or the same wig as Saige's only of course a different colour.

she comes with the braids in, it's very pretty. she also her Pink ribbons in them.

I think the girls will like her after a while, it was just a bit of a Big surprise, for them to get another sister without a warning.
I caught them on the couch two afternoons ago, talking about something, i asked Kit what it was about later, and she said they were trying to decided who would share a bed. kanani or felicity, any ideas? they didn't decide!

well, what do you think? did you have a good independence day? 



  1. Hi Lu, I adore your pictures of Marie-Grace! She's so sweet in Caroline's Work Dress, I agree! I nominated you for the Daisy Chain Award on my blog, :-)

    ~Mama Hen

  2. Very nice! Looks like a great time! C.ongratulations on the new member of your doll family. See's great

  3. Hello Lu, I'm Leah, I just found your blog on Marissa's blog! I love those pic's!!! ~Leah

  4. Yay! I'm so glad she came. :) She's so beautiful, I wish I could get her! I can't wait to see more of her!

  5. Such stunning pictures, you have a beautiful blog!:D
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart