Thursday, 17 July 2014

good finds with Marie, updates with Lu and practise with Kit

Hi Girls! Lu and Marie & Kit here!
this first part of our post, we made on Monday night....unfortunately Lu hasn't had enough concentration during the afternoons to do it until now!
so here we go!
^Here i am practising to encourage her!
on Monday, Lu's 'Music chamber camp' type thing started!
she's really been enjoying it!
she's learned a couple pieces, and she wanted to show you which ones,

Andintion  i think i spelled that right...

Air in D....her teacher cut this one though!

And Ode to Joy! she's really enjoying this one.

there's the violin who's been singing...or playing all the songs! did you know that Lu named her violins? yes she has two.
this one's name is Emily, isn't she pretty?

Lu's Mum bought these for her the other night....

great dollhouse plates!

there in two different shapes, oval 

and round! they look like green depression glass.

this is Lu taking a selfie with Marie on Tuesday... they somewhat matched.
and today!
Marie here! thanks Kit...
so today, i am going to show you what the Redhead got  in town this morning.

first off, Bren's new dog wants to say hi... okay Tabasco, it's okay...

Hugs!!! isn't he a Bigggg dog?

okay secondly!
this adorable Dollhouse swing, was 80% off!

Lu's been wanting it for a while now.

Silver paint, she needs this for a project, more on that later!

The New AG Magazine! Yayyy!!!!
she's been trying to find it, and of all places, HobbyLobby!
okay, that's all from HB,

another pic of those two.... =D
onto Goodwill!

C found Anne of Avonlea!!! can't wait to watch it again ~Kit,
I have yet to see any of the Anne movies, but Lu's B-day is coming up, and that's her this ought to be good for inspiration!

And...Persuasion! none of us have seen This version, but we're gonna give it a try!
and last....

A Bitty Baby Book!!!
it's in almost perfect condition! and for one dollar...

Lu was very telling what she'll do with it...we'll see!

so that's all the goodies for today!

And there's Bren and Tabasco again.

a couple updates,
Today my cousin was born, Emma, isn't that a sweet name? and it is one month from my B-day!!! July is slipping away, and also! tomorrow is the last day of camp, that includes the Recital... I've had a lot of fun!
more blogposts will be posted soon! sorry if there is a contest or an award that i haven't gotten to yet, I will get to it probably this coming week!
so! thank you for stopping by!
We'd love to hear from you, if you'd comment!
and until next post!


  1. Awesome finds at the stores, Lu! And Marie is so pretty!!! I love the photo of you and her. :)

  2. Break a leg in the recital!
    Great finds!

  3. I love all your finds!

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