Wednesday, 29 January 2014


It was an early morning in the AG dollhouse

Kit woke up early this morning it was especially cold,

 She went to her window and looked out.........It's Snowing!!!!!!

 She ran downstairs to wake up her sisters!!!

she got downstairs and headed to Felicity's room.......

Kit: Felicity it's snowing!!!!!
Felicity: what?
Kit: Snow!!!!
Felicity stretched and got up.

Kit headed down to the other girls room.......
Kit: Kanani! get up! it's snowing!!!
Kanani: goodmorning?
Kit: yeah! good morning! time to get up!
Kanani: okay!
Kannani stretched and got up
Kit: Saige get up! it's your first snow!!!!
Saige: really? it's snowing?
Kit: yes!!!!
Saige got up.
Kit: goodmorning!
Saige: it's so cold!
Kit just smiled.
She got Everybody up easily except for Ruthie........
Kit: Ruthie get up!
Ruthie: it's too early, the suns not even up yet!
Kit: that's because there aren't any windows in your room!
Ruthie turned over.....
Kit: Do you want to Build a snowman?
Ruthie: Kit......What did you say?
Kit: Do you want to build a Snowman?
Ruthie opened her it really snowing?
Kit: Yes!!!!!!
Ruthie was up....
Kanani and felicity headed to the Kitchen to start on breakfast.
and saige headed to the cold bathroom......
Saige: hmmm.....what should I wear?
Yes I think this is quite right!
Saige: Ruthie! the bathroom is open!
Ruthie: coming! oh, thanks Saige!
What to wear what to wear......
Ruthie: Felicity, it's your turn!
Felicity: okay!

this will be warm enough!
Okay kanani!
felicity: Get to the table girls! it's going to get cold!
Girls: okay we're coming!
Yum breakfast!
Saige: Has anybody seen Kit recently?
Others: I don't think so.....
Kanani: I wonder where she could be?
Felicity: she doesn't usually skip breakfast.....
Ruthie: I bet she's outside!
They all turned to her.
Ruthie: what?
okay! time to head out!

Look at the ice!

the deck is covered!

the backyard's slope is too!
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Back inside
let's warm up!
It was really cold out there!
redhead: yes it was!
Kit: but that wasn't snow......
Me:'s mostly ice.
Kit: I guess we can't build a snowman then?
Me: I guess not...I'm sorry hon.
Kit: it's fine there's always February!
I just smile.
We had a lot of fun yesterday.....we didn't really get any snow but we got a lot of ice. here are some human size pics ;)

the front steps.....the bottom one has around three inches of ice!

Ana and Elsa!

Thanks stopping by!
Keep warm!

P.S. if you didn't notice...Kit used this song


  1. Great photostory! I loved it! You should do more.

  2. Love this photo story! Keep up the good work.
    Stay warm!

  3. Love it! You seem to have gotten about as much snow as we did in Seattle :) I haven't even seen Frozen yet, still got the reference!