Sunday, 26 January 2014

Snow And Cleaning the Dollhouse!

Hiya guys!
It did snow as you heard...just not enough for a doll photo shoot :(
But mom did take some pics late at night when it first started!

you can see the snow on my Coats sleeve....
there's a bad picture of Me and B :D

and I have been working on the AG dollhouse!

this is in Kit's room
this too
and her side table
Felicity's room
the Kitchen :D
Mini dolls area!
the Bathroom!
Kit's room
Dining/tea room
Felicity's room
And kanani,Ruthie and Saige's room
this is the outside and the "Stable"
Thanks for stopping by!
what do you think of the dollhouse? any ideas to improve it?


P.S. it's going to snow Tuesday!


  1. Love the candlestick phone! A lot of those collectible, metal pencil sharpeners could be doll house items.