Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Hullo again! the girls and I took some more pictures today in the ice :D
Kit got all ready to go out.....

Selfie! heheheh ;)
I'm so crazy :)
Kanani headed out to check the front steps....
then she put on her ice skates!
Felicity and Saige took a walk in the very cold air.
Saige had a song stuck in her head when she took this picture.......
hehehe silly girl ;)
up to the treehouse!
the steps were so slippery!
hold on tight saige!
there holding hands ;)
heads up Saige!
Oh, be nice Felicity!

Then Ruthie and Kit headed out.....thanks j

they built an iceman!

then we headed back inside to the "Fire"
Kit: Hi girls have any room for two frozen sisters?
Others: I don't think so.
Ruthie: Scoot over silly!

Hot chocolate!

Then Kit and I went to mawmaw's house......
that's it for now!

Thanks for stopping by! what did you think of the pictures?
Stay warm!


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