Saturday, 11 January 2014

LDO Josefina

I was asked By Marisa to do a couple Doll here we go!
here's some of Josefina's collection!
I really like her, I haven't actually read all of her stories.....I actually own Josefina and she's really a good beginner doll I think, the one I have her body is more sturdy than most dolls but she's an old doll. Her hair is Really easy to bush. the earrings are a nice touch but it can make it hard to brush her hair :D
I really like the Scarf!
I love love love this desk!
and the ink well!
I like how this is more Regency :)
this is adorable!
these next two pieces are my favorites :)
This Piano Is just plain Awesome! it's gorgeous!
This is Adorable!
All in all I like this doll thanks for the idea again Marisa


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  1. Great! You're welcome for the suggestion. :) I haven't seen some of those items. They must be retired, but I really like them!