Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Christmas in Mississippi!

More pics!
Saige and I went shopping on the 26th.......
we went to Micheal's!
and found these!
for three dollars and 80 cents!

we also got these for 50 cents
and I got Five mugs for my Five darling dolls! I think they were 75 cents....not sure though!
and then we went to Target this was on clearance for five dollars!
then we packed up for Mississippi the next day to see our baby cousins and grandmother and Granddaddy!
there they are!
B and Ashlynn :D she's sooooo cute!!!!!!!

there's all of us C,J,Hunter,B,me and Ashlynn!

The girls had a good time!

then we decorated a gingerbread-house!
There will be more pics of these cuties later!
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy new years eve!


  1. Cute! Happy New Year to you also!

  2. This is Jaqualynn.Your cousin is so cute! I hope you a nice time on your trip. And I love the little cups you got for your doll. So cute!

  3. Happy New Year to you ! I think you and my granddaughters would have a wonderful time with your dolls. My 6 granddaughters all have a different American Girl doll. You and your dolls look like you had a very good time together with your family.