Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Grace in Mississippi, April, 1st, 2016

Hullo ducklings! I don't often pull old posts out to finish and post (unless I'm on holiday...)...but I've been low on inspiration for posts lately, and since this post was taken last year during this month I thought it would be fitting to just go ahead and get it out of my draft box. I hope you enjoy!
This is one of my favourites.
Ah! Shadow. =)
Ginger the puppy.
Grace wants to wish everyone with an April birthday, a very happy birthday, and a wonderful year ahead of them. I actually have a lot of dolls with April birthdays this year, it's a little strange. Thank you for putting up with an old post, with no plot or anything, I promise to have new pictures soon! Would any of you be interested in seeing the Easter pictures I took, or should I just  skip to something else?
Take care of yourself!
~Lu& Grace-Ellen

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