Saturday, 8 April 2017

And The Winners Are...

Hullo ducklings, I know I said I'd do this last night, but I was exhausted, had lots of school projects due, and needed sleep. On top of that, I had the ACT for the first time this morning, so I've just gotten around to taking pictures and choosing the winners. So here we go!
Today my helpers are: Josie, Lanie, Kit, and Ada. Don't they look super cute?
We cut up strips of paper and wrote the names of all those who entered, folding them all exactly the same way so there was a fair chance anyone could win.
Then, we put them in this teacup, and now we'll pick!
 Ada drew the fourth place winner:
Congrats Emily Miller!
Alright, Josie, your turn:
Bravo, Christian Homeschooler!

My turn! Let's see,
Woot woot! Samanthadoll!
 Alright, time for our first place, and final winner,
Kit had the honor of picking this one.
And the winner is--Light4TheLord!

Now comes the fun part, if you four winners will comment down below a comment with your email address as the message, I will email you, and not publish that comment. After I've gotten in touch with all four of you, I'll get your packages in the mail as quickly as possible. If I don't hear from one of you by Monday, then I will pick another winner for your spot, be wary of that.
Thank you to all who participated! I wish I could give you all prizes, but, alas, that is not very practical.
Thank you so much!
Until next time,

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