Saturday, 4 March 2017

Caroline-Rose Goes On An Adventure--Day 3 &4 (02-27-28-17)

Hullo everyone, today I have part 2 of the beach holiday posts. Let's just go ahead and jump in,
~Day 3!~
Yo readers! Welcome to day three of my Destin, FL adventures. On this day, Lu took me to the beach for sunrise, and then we went shopping, and then we visited the beach for dusk again. I hope you enjoy the pictures.
When your doll photobombs you...
The water matches my eyes. <3
After taking the pictures, I chilled on the beach towel so I wouldn't get dirty in the dusty sand.
Fluffy clouds.
Lu's sister, Jess was filming a music video that morning, you can watch the finished product here:
Once we got back to the villa, I pulled out Ania's Uke, and little Rose to play while I waited to head out shopping.

There's a really nice shopping area called The Destin Commons where there are several great shops, Lu took picture of a few.
The first one she took pictures of was the Doll Clothes Company (or factory, I'm not sure which), check out their website here: Lu didn't buy anything, but it was fun to visit again. She went four years ago on her last visit, on that visit she bought this: 
Our next stop was next door: William Sonoma, Lu was intent on seeing if they had the AG items, she was very delighted to see that they did!
She didn't buy anything from the AG line, (everything was way too expensive, even though she really wanted to get the apron and oven mitt for us girls.) She did, however, pick up something else from there that we'll show you soon in a photo-shoot!
The next stop was a spices and tea store. We thought about Xyra, Melody, and her sisters as we were looking at the different blends, unfortunately we didn't get very many pictures because we were in a hurry.
After a few more shops, we headed back to the villa to get ready for the beach.
Look at this adorable mirror, perfectly my size.
Ugh, jellyfish.
I was glad Lu's mum suggested she bring the bag to carry me in, because just before we left the beach it began sprinkling rain. 
After we'd been back in the villa for a few hours, Lu's dad went out and picked up Sushi for dinner. It was really tasty.
~Day 4!~
Tuesday was our last day--er, morning at the beach. Check out was at 10:00, so Lu and her mum and sisters were up early to head out to the beach again, she let me sleep in because a girl like me has to get her beauty sleep, and the sunrise on Monday was hard.
I don't know if you can see it, but there's a green stripe in the blue water. =)
Oh, windy selfie.
Mr Seagull.
See his tracks?
Pelicans in flight.
After Lu got back from the beach, I got up and dressed while she packed up again. After she was done, she took me around the villa to get a few last pictures.
Then we hit the road for another six hours, only stopping twice all the way home.
Coffee. <3
When we got in the door, we were greeted by a stack of mail with this lovely catalog that I have been waiting for to arrive since the release. Very excited to have it and see the products printed on paper. 
Well, that was our trip. I hope you enjoyed seeing snapshots of our getaway, we enjoyed it, but are ready for another as Lu tries to catch up with school work, violin practise, and keep her back from killing her. We're doing fine, and surviving, thanks again for reading our posts. I appreciate you all so much. Not gonna say that I'm almost done with the giveaway, but I would say, keep your eyes peeled for a post concerning it within this month. 
I love you all!
The wanderlust blogger,
~Lu & Caroline-Rose


  1. Caroline's beach photos were gorgeous! I think she looks really pretty in the first dress you had her in, and her hair in the second beach shoot is SO pretty!!

    1. Thank you for commenting! Taking Caroline to the beach was a lot of fun. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!