Monday, 9 January 2017

Christmas 2016 haul (Lu's Side of Things)

Hullo ducklings! I'm sure you're all tired of these types of posts, but I enjoy them, so I thought I'd do one anyway! ;P Here's everything, or almost everything that I got for Christmas 2016. Thank you to everyone who go me something, I love you all! <3
Let's begin!
Stocking stuffers.
Holiday Chai, and tea-babushka
Cat measuring cups, cat socks, and the shamrock kitten.
Isn't she a cutie? I decided to name her Tara after Celtic Woman's newest member. Yes I'm a nerd.
I also got this wax seal ring, with one of my initials!
Doll sized calendar, notepad and pen, and note cards!
Skin-toned coloured pencils! Santa has apparently heard me fussing about not having skin coloured things to colour with. XD
Hufflepuff headband!
New fancier makeup brushes. ;P
Camp-halfblood t-shirt from Cate.
Blue sweater from mum.
All three of us girls got one of these shirts. 
Granddaddy got me this pair of gold and silver cross earrings, I might have to get my ears pierced now, this makes three pairs of earrings that I have. XD
Grandmother got me another Cat figurine for my collection. Doesn't he kind of look like Cheshire? What's funny is that's his name. Chessy. =)
Mawmaw and Pawpaw got me a Pink Instax Mini 8 camera
I love it so much! 
Bren gave me the Lego Friends Supermarket. It is such a cute set!

~AG things~
Addy's socks and shoes!
White, black, and tan socks!
Navy short boots.
They have tan bottoms.

Addy Meet ornament! 
Pleasant Company, Addy's Birthday dress. (1995)
Addy's Historical Meet Accessories. 
Felicity's Birthday dress. 
There should be reviews of all these AG items soon. If you'd like to see one in particular, please comment down below and I'll make it a priority!
I also got these four Our Generation outfits, Pretty Shimmery, Plaid to be Here,  Summer Spectacular, and, Fall for Overalls. All very cute sets, and reviews will be coming your way soon!
Grandmother also gave me this 18" doll sized Lefton china tea set. I love it so much! <3
Mum gave me the VTC Dolly Jewelry Box set. There will be a review soon!
Jess painted me this INCREDIBLE painting from one of my stories. I love it so much. She made me cry with it. =)

Alright, that's all for now. Do you enjoy seeing posts like these? If you'd like to see Kanani Ania's most recent update post on her can click here. 
New posts up soon hopefully, they will probably be reviews, I can try to space them out between photo-shoots, if you'd like. 
Please comment below, I'd love to hear from you!
Stay Warm!

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