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A Very Regency Halloween Night and Party 2016

Hullo out there! Today I have another post for you! I know, it's not the giveaway yet, but I still have a sniffly nose, so give me a few more days. ;) Today I bring to you this year's Halloween post. On Halloween, you got last year's posts, I would link you, but there are three of them, that being said, if you click back two posts you'll stumble upon them.  
This year's endeavours were a bit smaller after being so overwhelmed by last year's. But it was still very enjoyable to set up and take pictures of, so I hope you can find some joy in them. :)

-The Mini's Party-
The main table, the had pizza, pumpkin juice and tea.
Mr Skeleton was waiting for Skulduggery to get his second skull.
Then the little witches gathered about to begin the feast.
Little Kitty was so cute in her Lori outfit that I got for my birthday and witch hat.

By night.

I thought I would just do minis this year, I at that point didn't have last year's posts up yet, but I thankfully got them done, with time to do the big girls this year as well.

Gosh Lu, you got a slight thing for 18" doll Regency things, don't you? Well yes I do, thank you for noticing. XD
Dresses laid out.
All my pretty girls. I can hardly believe there's nine of them now. I use to think it was so awesome when I saw families with a lot of dolls in them, and now my collection is growing to that size. <3

Here they are all dressed up. If you didn't guess, this year's theme was Regency, in honour of Caroline's b-day on the 22nd, but also because we hadn't done Regency yet this year.
Yay Hamlet!
 ~The Photo-Shoots~
 My all time helper, Annie was very interested to see why the Dolls were chillin' with the pumpkins. =) Over the span of two days all the cats had sat near or in the laps of the dolls, it was most entertaining to watch them figure it out.

 -Moving Outside-
As you can see, I was a black kitty-cat this Halloween,
Fox Jess and my Anne--as a cat. 
The girls all gathered on the front steps for some new group pictures.

~Onto Single Shots~
~Adeline Freya-Pearl~
It was Ada's first Halloween, and Regency dress-up with us, so Kit let her borrow her first Regency gown, the one Mum made for Kit to match with me back in 2013--I think. Doesn't she look darling in it?

Caroline of course chose her holiday gown to wear. The purple went well for the season, and the orange flowers matched her candy-bucket.

 Ruthie's outfit is Caroline's meet dress, with Kit's pink bow from her special summer dress set. This outfit just lights Ruthie up and makes her look even more like a china doll, and that's saying something because Ruthie always looked like a pale darling.

Kanani's outfit is more of a joke. We didn't have enough dresses, resorting to the coat, but Kanani being the girl she is put together this outfit to go underneath it. Is it bad when the only crop-top you for your dolls is from Webkinz for your black cat? XD I guess not, because by golly it fits. She's wearing Saige's white jeans from her tunic outfit and like I said, a Webkinz pumpkin outfit as a top, and Caroline's gold boots.

I think it turned out alright, what do you think? Do you ever have to get creative with your doll's outfits? 

As you will see throughout this post, the light kept trying to gather to the front of Marie's dress when I would got to take pictures, quite frustrating, but Marie's outfit consists of a dress my Mum made, with Kanani's Special occasion headband as a belt, and the shoes from her Silver Sparkle outfit to finish it off. 

You'll have to forgive the next few outdoor pictures, once the sun started going down, (and I had to pause to take pictures of the sunset), the darkness was quick to rise and the mosquitoes came out in full flood. Lissie's outfit is the dress one of my Bestie's made for me for my b-day a few years ago. The hair bow is a ribbon that came with Addy's summer day dress, (It's named something like that) that Marie got for Christmas a few years ago. And she made it out without shoes. 

Grace's outfit is simply Caroline's birthday dress and shoes.
It looks magical with her eyes.
 (Oh bother, a hand.)
~Little Miss Kit~
Aren't these pictures of Kit some of the cutest? I think she looks like little Bo Peep, but I didn't have a staff for her. :( She looks amazing in pastels. Anywho, this dress, and the shoes are Caroline's farm-day dress, I think it's called, and the hat came in Marie-grace's accessories.

Such a sad picture, like I said, the light was dreadful at the end of the Photo-shoot, her outfit is Caroline's travel-day dress.
 -Onto the Party!-
There were a lot of amazing treats to chose from... 
And plates, and forks for all.
A bucket of treats for wanderers in the night sat next to the white pumpkin.
Oh dear, only one piece of pizza left--

'Spooky Delights'

-Main Table-

 Caroline-Rose's setting,
 Smiling skeleton made sure everyone shared and enjoyed themselves.

 Kit and Ruthie.
 The other side of the table was a little full, with Saige, Ada, and Grace, all gathered close to enjoy the feast.
 Caroline and Marie.

Well that's what our Halloween looked like this year, was yours similar? Did you dress-up? Did you go trick-or-treating? I know I'm supposedly too old to go trick-or-treating, couldn't eat most of the treats even if I could. Mum picked up some candy for us to enjoy in. Although my brother did get to go get some at a festival near where we live, he went as a Sloth, and was very adorable, I suppose you can see a picture:
Isn't he a cute Slow-th? XD

Thanks for reading, talk to you all soon!

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  1. The dress that Lissie is wearing with the lace is absolutely gorgeous, your friend did a beautiful job with it! I've decided these dolls are kind of like potato chips--you can't have just one! (or two, or three...)