Friday, 7 October 2016

Toys-R-Us, Target, and TJMaxx Haul-Also, Photo-shoot

Hullo followers and readers! The other day my Mawmaw took be out to lunch for my birthday, since my state was in full flood mode during my B-day week. Afterwards she took me to Toys-R-Us and let me pick out  a few things. 
Instead of getting Kendall, (The Wellie Wisher) I decided on the following three items. I hope you enjoy these reviews and closer looks at these items. I'll link the video of me opening and reviewing them down at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!
The first item is this pink formal gown from the Journey Girl collection. This dress was 20.00, containing a pair of silver sandals, a pink rose wristlet, and the gown.
Here's the back of the packaging.
And the set out of the box. (I'll do separate posts showing each outfit on a dollie. So keep your eyes open for those.) 
Here's a look at the sash and rosy top, it has clear straps instead of sleeves.
Something tells me that these shoes won't fit AG's 18" dolls, but I'm curious to see if they'd fit WW. Does anybody know?
Here's the next set, it is also a Journey Girl's Special Occasion outfit, although from a different line. It contains, a pair of lilac slippers, a lilac handbag, and a blue and white lace dress.

The last item I got was not from the JG's line, but from Wellie Wishers, although I don't have a doll myself, I couldn't pass up the Tea party for Two, set again. I saw it in store in San Francisco this summer, and didn't have enough to bring it home. I was lucky enough to be able to now though. Let's take a deeper look.
Here's the adorable tiny box.
Set includes: One owl teapot, two placemats, two napkins, two cups and saucers, two plates, and two sets of forks and spoons.
Here's its contents, please excuse my jean leg.
One of the place settings.

Here's the owl teapot. It is very cute and has adorable detailing on the front, however I was disappointed to see that there is no removeable lid, I get it, it's for very little girls, but I know that it would add to it's awesomeness if the lid was removeable. I suppose the WW's are just pretending to have tea instead of having the real deal.
Here's the bottom.
I just love the owl's little ears. =)
The cups are simply darling and I have no complaint with them. One's yellow with green synthia(s), and the other is pink with a dandelion, synthia, and daisy.
I love that the colours are so bright and happy.
Two saucers that the cups fit perfectly on. One is tiffany blue with white polka-dots, the other is a turquoise green with yellow/green strips. Each has the "W" for Wellie Wishers
Here's a look at the treat plates. Just big enough for a few sweets. One is yellow with an orange insert with pink/purple polka-dots, the other is yellow with pink and purple stripes. Reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake.
Here's the adorable silverware, that is sized more for 18" dolls than the 15" ones, in my opinion, although still cute, you can see the designs pretty well in the picture. The top part is metal, and the bottom half plastic. Unfortunately, the silverware does not fit where it's supposed to on the placemats, which I found a little frustrating and very disappointing, but without the placemats and scale, they're very cute.
Here's the back of the placemat,
And the front.
"Two napkins"="two tissue paper triangles that we're calling napkins." Cute, but should be sturdy paper or I think cloth ones could be cute. I don't think these will be coming out of the packaging for fear of wear and tear and getting lost.
Don't you like the shadows of the chairs? I think it looks awesome!
So cute in the sunlight.
All set up, just waiting for the girls...
Here they are! Lissie and Caroline-Rose will be helping us this very warm sunny day.
 Aren't they cute?

Place setting no. 1
No. 2

I think, although they are aimed at Wellie Wishers, that this set works fine with the 18" dollies.

Well that's it for the photo-shoot, now onto the last part of this post. Remember, the outfits will be reviewed in a different post later on. :)

Instead of procrastinating on doing another blogpost for these few finds, I decided to just throw them in this one. So enjoy part two!
Kit and I found this little pink keychain purse at Target after winning Flo's giveaway we started keeping our eyes open for purses. It comes in three different colours that I've seen: Pink, Navy and Tan. It has two little tassels on the front and a clasp to hold your stuff in.
This purse was only $6.00, and with a coupon and cartwheel, it was less than that. Keep your eyes open in your accessories and purse section for doll-sized finds!
The next item is from TJ MAXX
These adorable little colanders had to come home with me for two reasons: 
(Image via AGPlaythings)
First of all because of that yellow colander from Kit's canning set back in 2008-9.
But also because all three of them were five dollars and they're all sturdy and perfect sizes for three different dolls.

So yep. That's it for this post. If you'd like to see my videos on these can click here, and they should be up soon. Hopefully.
Also, keep your eyes open for an onslaught of posts, I have many, many ready to be shared. 
Thank you all for 39 followers! It means a lot to me. Bloganniversiery is next month! Eek! So exciting. 
I'd love to hear from you all down below. 
More posts soon!
~Lu, Kit, Lissie and Marie


  1. All sorts of great finds! I agree with you about the shadows from the furniture. Not only does it look cool, but the way you have it set up, it makes it look even more like full sized furniture.

    1. Thank you for commenting Ms Flo!
      Kit's table and chairs is always so fun to set up. I really think AG did an incredible job making the tea-set look like something actual little girls would use, thus making it easy for photo-shoots without too much work.
      Thanks for stopping by!