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Saige's Birthday Oct, 8th, 2016 (West Baton Rouge Museum)

Hullo everyone! Saige here! Excuse me, I'm here too Saige. Right, sorry Lu.
Hullo everyone! I wanted to show you what Saige and I were up to on her birthday this year.
Lu's parents had decided it was time for their family to go to another museum, and it just so happened they planned to go on my birthday. But I had a lot of fun, thanks to Lu for bringing me along.
Anywho! Let's show you, dear reader, the pictures we took on our little adventure.
Can I say the thing?
Of course.
Please enjoy!

A little prayer book.



It wasn't actually a movie theatre, but there were theatre seats and we watched a video explaining the goal of the museum before continuing our tour, so we'll call it the movie theatre.
Here's a picture of the actual old theatre that the seats came from.
Let me explain the lighting in this picture, Lu had just snapped it of me when the tour guide flipped back on the light. -_- Sorry about that. But here are the seats.

Next up we were taught how sugar plantations processed the sugar from the fields to molasses, and then into granulated sugar. It was interesting, even if Lu already knew how they did it.
They had a little model of the process set up, Lu tried to get a video of it--but it didn't turn out very well. I'm sorry about that.

Here's a stalk of sugarcane.
Louisiana use to be the greatest monopoly of where most of the world's sugar came from, but then other places caught on. The last sugar "plant" not the green thing, but producer. Closed back in 2002.

Then we walked a bit further to another hall of artifacts and such from Baton Rouge and nearby-ing areas.
Ice truck, model size. XD

Cinclare was the last Sugar plant to close, it closed in 2002.
This is actually the whistle that came from Cinclare, it was donated to the museum after they closed the company.
They had the court-yard all autumn-y to match the nice weather of the day.

Transportation throughout the years in LA
Look at this awesome Steam boat!
Just chillin' with this great big mural.

Then it was time for Lu and her sisters to get a picture in front of the mural, luckily Lu included me. It kept reminding me of Chicago's Art Institute last year--
Art Institute of Chicago, May, 2015

And after that, we headed outside to see the plantation home and slave cabins, they also had an old plantation store that we got to tour.
A little conversation area.
There's the house.

Here's an old sugar kettle from one of the plantations. Aren't the flowers pretty?

Alliet House, pronounced 'IA' Strange, isn't it? 

Hooks on the porch for mosquito nets.
Dining room and entertainment area.

Seats as seen in Thomas Jefferson's reign at Monticello.

The pattern on the dishes was very pretty.
Look at the writing desk, so many pots of ink. I suppose they wrote long letters. XD Or maybe one of the children wanted to be an author?
Here in the Master bedroom, we have this grand four post bed with more mosquito netting, can you tell there was a problem with those beasts? Time doesn't change some things.
The wash-stand.
Baby crib nestled at the end of the master's bed.
This armoire is a work of art, it is beautifully crafted with many details.

They had this dress on display, I truly wished I could have tried it on..but that's just my romantic era side coming out. Doesn't it look like something Emily Dickinson would wear? I love the colour.

~The Children's Bedroom~
If you look closely you can see the detailing at the top of the canopy, that detailing is present on all the items in this room. Isn't that awesome?
The chest and their school work desk, and books.


Post office side of the store.

~"Shotgun" House from the '30s~

The pictures that were taken in the old slave cabin were so dark that we decided to not include them, but I did want to put in this picture of a child's toys that were in there, thinking of Addy's stories.

Well that's all for today's post. I hope you enjoyed seeing the few pictures we took, if you'd like to look into the museum, you can check out the website here.
Please check back soon for another post about Miss Addy. And then we have two photo-shoots lined up for next week/this weekend. 
Until next time!
~Lu & Saige

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