Monday, 4 April 2016

American Girl Package, (Review, Grace's Sightseeing Outfit, PWP) Early March 2016

Hullo everyone, back in early March I set in an order to American Girl because they had several coupons running and several good deals. I honestly have no idea how this post has managed its way to the bottom of my drafts box, but it has. So before I post any more recent posts--here's this one. Please enjoy!
Inside the package, I ordered two outfits for myself and Mum ordered some things for me for Easter, (which you will see later). One of those outfits was Grace's Sightseeing outfit.
This outfit at the time was on clearance for I believe 18$
This was the one outfit that I knew for sure that I wanted from grace's collection but couldn't bring myself to pay the original price of $32. It just didn't make sense. The hope was that it would go on clearance as other Girl Of The Year outfits had in the past, and it did.

The outfit includes, one top, skirt and pair of sandals
The top is black and white striped with sequin detailing at the top and a white bow on the left side (I think).

The skirt is made of tulle, white with polka-dots. It also has a red stripe on the waistband.
The sandals are silver open-toed with bows on the ankle and elastic in the back. They are very difficult to "keep" on the doll's foot, where they are supposed to be, because there is little structure.

Now just some shots of Grace.

This is what the shirt looks like over the skirt instead of tucked in.

And since this is supposed to be Grace's Paris Sightseeing outfit...I thought a picture by our French style gate was in order.

The next day the other outfit that I ordered arrived, (the first one was shipped separately).
Kit offered to style this one.

The Purchase for purchase outfit! When you spent a certain amount you could get this outfit for 14$, and I just couldn't pass it up.
The set came with a sundress, purple bracelet, and a egg-green headband.
Here's the bracelet.
And the headband.
The dress has this sash detailing that matches the headband.
Lots of polka-dots!

Later that evening Mum caught me taking pictures outside.

Sorry this post was a bit long and very random. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures anyway, even if there wasn't a story to go along with them. Comment down below which picture was your favourite, and outfit.
New post up very soon!
~Lu, Grace & Kit


  1. Both of those outfits are really cute! I especially like the 9th and 16th photos. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Thank you for your comment! :)
      ~Lu D.