Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Marie's first B-day party with us

Today is Marie's Birthday, we threw her a small party. I thought you might want to see. :)
Caroline and Lissie helped me set the table with all of the treats and dishes. Caroline also has Marie's present.

Finally Kit, Ruthie and the birthday girl arrived downstairs.
"Happy Birthday!!!" The four of them called.
"Here's your present!" Said Caroline showing her sister the bag on her arm.

"Oh goody! I wonder what is in it!"
You'll have to wait until a bit later Miss. 
"Oh my goodness! Look at all of these goodies."
Felicity giggled, "It's a lot more to prepare for seven than say five or six." She said smiling at Caroline.
 Then Lu made us all get a bro up picture...
It is so hard to get everyone looking at the camera...without someone blinking.
Sugar is apparently a Ravenclaw pup now... ;P
The mysterious bag...Marie kept it pretty close at all times during the party.
Then it was time to eat!

We had two types of tea, White Pear and English Breakfast.

Lissie put honey in her tea.
Ruthie decided on a vanilla cupcake.
And Saige had punch.
Isn't this a cool picture?

Finally time for the present!
"Ooh sparkly paper!"
Finally the treasure....
"A notebook!!!"

"It's so pretty! Thank you all!"
"Open it!"
"Yeah there's something written on the inside."
"Aww! So sweet. Thanks guys!"
All of us girls signed it since we didn't have time to make her a card.
I think Sugar was more excited about the bag than the notebook!
What type of tea do you like?
What do you take in it?

Pictures with the Birthday girl!

Sorry this one is blurry...the camera has trouble focusing on Saige's pjs...

I think Marie enjoyed her party. I know I did, it was a lot of fun.
I love parties..I simply can't wait for mine in May!
That brings up something else I am very excited about--But I will tell you about that in another post!
So stay tuned!
Thanks for reading my post, please feel free to comment I love reading all of them!

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