Friday, 12 September 2014

Check ups.

Hullo all!
I'm so sorry for the lack of posts, as you know, school started back, and I have been trying to slip into my schedule of homework and classes and chores!
but we have some planned, including our first week of school post, which is now two weeks late!
agh. Anyway I recently pulled out my yarn and crochet hook.
I was wondering, if I started selling doll-sized stuff on Etsy, would you be interested? and if so, what would you like to see in my shop? I have made a couple this and thats, but I'd love to know your opinions!
I know this post is super short, and I'm sorry. But posts will try to be getting up soon...I hope!

Here's a couple videos for you for reading my small boring post, this is what I got for my B-day, I will post pictures, but...if you specifically want to see one thing in particular, if you'd let me know, it would make things a whole lot easier! I will go ahead and apologize for the lack of quality in this video, and my stumbling over words! Big thanks to my little Brother, who did the recording!

I don't know if I told y'all, but i set in another AG order right before the BeForever release, 
so here's that video:
I hope you enjoy those!

Thanks everyone!

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