Wednesday, 6 August 2014

New AG catalog, july 2014

 Hullo! so, yesterday, the AG catalog came in! so i thought I'd show you some of the cutest pictures in it!
(Sorry about the quality, i changed the camera settings halfway through, excuse the first half ones!)
Kit is here to help me!
here is the cover.
The new pet sets!

 #61!! isn't she pretty?
and the new bedroom sets, I'm not sure i like them better than the old...
campus snack sets! this is a really cute picture!
Bitty Twins! adorable as always,
i was very surprised to see this. it is awesome! and soo cute. but for that price?
they could've been more reasonable with the price.
This doll looks surprisingly like Ruthie, anyone notice that besides Kit and I?
Don't forget about the Isabelle movie airing! 
 What do you think about the new AG stuff? are you excited about BeForever?
i guess that's it for today!
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Lu & Kit~


  1. Cool!
    In Australia we can't get these dolls so it's very interesting finding out about them! :)
    Great Post

  2. I liked that doll and pet carrier too. Rhonda (Living a Doll's Life) just posted about the Our Generation looks like they have something similar. It's sure to be less expensive, so keep your eyes peeled when you visit Target.