Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Craft Time with Kit

Hullo girls!
Lu & Kit here! oh...and Sugar...
today, we're going to make a craft!
that's right Kit.

Kit has been needing a music stand for violin practise, but they are all too expensive! even used!
so Lu, found a blogpost on how to make one! I'm so excited!
I found this post: i found on DollDiaries, while scrolling through Pintrest a couple months back. so we're going to give it a try! and show you how it turned out....

okay let's start!

We rounded up everything we needed.

Hot Glue gun, paint brush, Popsicle sticks, small and large (we only had large, so we had to cut ours!),cardboard(I used a paint chip, because that's what i had on hand.),Paint I used Silver.
okay let's start!
We put some Paint in the bowl.

Really Random picture of our Bilbo!
okay, firstly. we followed the instructions. (believe it or not!) (Thanks Kit....)
we put the three sticks together,
and then we cut the others to size.
and there's the supports.
I am sorry i didn't take more step by step  pictures, everything you need is on the blog post i gave you the link for, that is why :)
here is our finish product.

Okay Kit! let's try this out.


music on the stand...
what are we playing today Miss?
I was thinking...maybe some bluegrass...
there's your chair.
here we go! 1...2...3!

silly Sugar got in my violin case, she's not quite as cute as Lu's Annie....but...she is sweet. 
blue eyes.

sweet girls.

Okay! tell everyone bye gals!
Bye!!! Woof!

~Lu & Kit



  1. That was so cute Lu! And such a cool music stand!

  2. Your bird is so cute! The music stand turned out great.