Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A trip to the trains!

Hi girls! Kit here with Lu, We were at mawmaw & pawpaw's house last night, and I came along to do a photo shoot!
Hi there!

come on Kit, up the stairs!
Kit: okay! big steps!
kit: whoa....that's high, wouldn't be fun to fall!

Okay Kit, In here.
Kit and I have always liked the idea of riding on a train, neither of us...personally have been able to ride on a Real train, hopefully we will soon though!
Kit: Whoa....trains!
Yep, Bren's going to help us!
let's take a closer look at the Cars,

The Caboose!
the lights,
there's Bren running the train.
Kit Tunnel!
Emmet came along,

didn't Bren do a good job with that mini photo shoot? he did it almost all by himself!
Then Kit got to drive the train!

group picture!

this truck is from the style of a 1934 pickup....I forgot the brand!

So Kit decided to play with it!

and This one is from 1932 (Or at least a model of one from that time)

Conductor Kit!

the hat's a bit big, but i forgot hers at home, so we had to make do!

the door's open!

we had a great time playing with the trains! thanks Bren, for your big help! 
how have y'all been enjoying your summer?
Happy First of July!!!


(P.S. the something or other is on it's way, Lu told us that much! should be here tomorrow or the next! can't wait!!! Kit~)


  1. Looks like you and Kit had fun! :) Happy First of July back at ya! :)


  2. Cute! that was funny, I loved the Kit tunnel! ;) We have a train like that, we put it under the Christmas tree at Christmas time.. .of course ;)

    Your friend,
    Marisa :)

  3. Great day for Kit! Nice photo shoot. We have an American Flyer set downstairs on a platform and an LGB set that runs on the floor around the platform. Then I have my small train that goes around the tree at work.