Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A bit of a check up

Hullo! today....I'm going to be doing a post, of movies We've watched recently! Boring i know...but Hey! it's a post!
Cranford, this movie was very good! a bit..."gory" at i think three places, and very sad at others, and Really happy at others!

Emma!!! she's oh so cute!
again, We are actually watching this right now! 2009 Emma, it is very good! and I love the dancing, and dresses! and I think this Mr Knightley is my favourite!

Lisa Kelly(Porter) & Chloe Agnew, and one of the singers from Celtic Thunder, got together to do a concert in Peachtree Georgia, last May....
here's a couple clips I found on Youtube! I so wish I could've gone!
one... this is 'For Good' Because I knew you, from Wicked, they did a great job!

Wake Me up? I'm not familiar with this one, But i like it still.

Let It go....Yes, she did it!

there are more on there!

and there is...if you have seen my Dollie's posts, I just saw them today, there is a package on the way.  i would tell y'all what...actually you can probably guess very easily, but I don't want my girlies, to figure it out until it...or She comes ;)

well this is just a bit of a check-up! 
I'll talk to y'all soon!
Happy Summer!
oh...and my b-day is coming up....46 days exactly!

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  1. I love Emma and Cranford! Yeah, Cranford is a bit gory sometimes, but the ending is adorable. Emma '09 is my favorite. :-) Happy summer to you too!

    ~Mama Hen