Sunday, 15 June 2014

Animals in June

Hullo! so as some of you know...a cute little "puppy" met daddy at the mailbox last Monday morning, 
Little Jenny has been staying with us, for a week. we're still not sure if we'll keep her or not...but i think we will!
isn't she cute?

also...I thought y'all would like some updates on the ducks.

turns out we have three girls! i thought at first we had two boys and a girl...and then we thought they were all boys...but we have three girls!

Dickon, Bill Inky (Blinky) and Jemima Leeli

there's Jenny again

and Princess Annie

and the neighbourhood duck...just happens to be wandering into our yard five times.... right?
actually. we think he's a boy...and seeing that we have three little girls....I don't this is going to end well ;)
more later!



  1. Haha! Such a cute and funny post! So did y'all end up keeping Jenny? For some reason I think you did. ;)

    1. We still haven't decided yet! But i will let you know when we decide!