Saturday, 14 June 2014

A surprise/impromptu B-day party!

Hullo out there! so today is Flag day...

and also dear little Kanani's Birthday! 
I put together a quick party out of stashes that i had in my room...let's see what the finished product looked like!

we pulled Kit's table and the dining chairs from the tearoom,

this is from the top,

the balloon was purchased at Albertsons for a pretty good price a coupled days ago.

each girl had a piece of Dark delicious chocolate,a piece of fruit and a glass of lemonade.

this is the B-day girl's chair

I bought this little dear at Dollar-General this morning...I thought she was cute.

the girls waited for Kanani to come downstairs...she didn't know what she was coming down to, for ya see...we kept it a secret (She slept really late this morning ;))
"Hi Girls! sorry it took me so long....oh my gosh."
*Saige giggled and Ruthie elbowed her* 
"Happy birthday!!!" *they spoke in unison*
"come sit down sister!"

then we took some group pictures after they finished their snacks.

everyone was so pretty.

Birthday girl pictures!

 We had so much fun! were any of you celebrating a special day this week?
what did you think of kanani's Birthday party?


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  1. Cute post! Happy birthday Kanani! Sadly, I didn't have time to celebrate Kanani Eva's bday. :(