Friday, 27 June 2014

an explanation,

Hullo Everyone! I thought today, I'd explain how and when we got all of the Dollies of Mannerbee, since it can be very confusing!
here are all of our dolls at the moment.
Kit,Kirsten,Josefina,Felicity,Lizzie,Ruthie,Saige,Lanie,Emily,Kanani and rebecca!

We'll start with Jess's,

these two redheads, belong to Jess, the ginger ;)
'the terrible two' just kidding.

Lizzie & Emily,

& Catie's....

Kirsten & Lanie, (yes we have two Lanie's...or Lainey's here)

Kirsten was actually the first AG doll to come to live at our house...(Besides samantha and Nellie mini dolls)
she got her.... the Summer of 2007.

Lanie was purchased for catie's B-day in 2010,

Emily was our third dollie here, Jess got her in December of 2007.

Lizzy was bought by jess at the Dallas store in 2010.

some of y'all might be wondering...if I have five dolls, than who does Josefina belong to? well, it's actually quite simple. she was given to me, so she's like a half sister to my girls, 


Mum's Rebecca...

we got her for her, for Mum's B-day 2011? i think...

so these three are our first three 2007 girls,

Dallas girls, 2010

and these are all of the 2010 dolls

and then 2011

and here's another random picture!
did that make any sense? We'd love to answer questions if y'all have any!



  1. So glad you did this post! Explains a lot. ;)

  2. You have a great collection! I don't think I could remember when all the dolls came to live with us, but maybe I should at least introduce them.