Monday, 23 June 2014

A secret...

Hi guys! Kit and Kanani here, well the others are here too, but we're the ones typing!
there is a secret being held from us! and we wanted to tell you about it, to see if y'all can't help us!
The Redhead was talking to her mum yesterday...about something and again today. they're seems to be a surprise box on it's way... I believe Lizzy knows
...the little stinker won't tell us though! We're going to try the tickle method again tonight...(that sometimes works). another thing is The Redhead is really running out of ideas for posts and photoshoots...if y'all have any ideas...she could use them.
and about the y'all know what it might be? or where it's coming from? She(Lu)'ll probably give in and tell us soon enough...but we are a wee  Bit impatient well at least we want to know what it is! none of our B-days are coming up except for Ruthie's...but that's a good while from now! any ideas?
Please comment below fellow friends and followers!

Kanani,Ruthie,Felicity,Saige & cousins


  1. Replies
    1. Oh My gosh! you might be right....but don't think so.. because they keep on going on about how she didn't have enough money...We'll see won't we!

  2. I love surprises! I hope it is a fun box.

    As for future posts...What do you like to do? Are you going on any day trips or long trips? Take a doll and make it a blog post. :)