Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A big not very pleasant surprise for Emily and Ruthie.

So AG announced last week, i think that they were going to archive some of the of them being Ruthie. 
I didn't tell the girls...for fear of how they would take it. getting rid of four dolls at once is a big leap, I don't like where AG is headed. 
today....Emily found out. let's see how she reacted.
Emily: hmm...I haven't checked out Ag's website recently....
*click click* what? what's this?

awww...look at the new swimsuits!
*she zoomed in for a better look*

"No! oh no...i have to tell Ruthie!"
she got down from the computer chair,


Ruthie was sitting on the couch, she looked at Emily strangely as she approached, "Why is she running? what happened?" she asked herself.

"Ruthie!" gasped Emily, 

Ruthie stood up, "What is it Em? what's happened?"

Emily explained, trying to catch her breath.

"Oh no!"

"it's okay Ruthie...I know how it feels...last year was my it's least you don't have that much to buy before."
They darted back over to the computer, to look more closely.

Ruthie, Marie-Grace, Cecile and Ivy....
"I guess the redhead will try to get Marie before then..."
Emily nodded her head at Ruthie's remark, "Her B-day is coming up..." 

"Emily...scroll over there." Em moved the mouse,

"This is the only thing i don't have...."
"It's not That expensive...maybe you can save up..."

"And Lu will probably try to get this for kanani, since she's been asking for her for awhile...and Kanani's Birthday is also coming up!" 

"Okay..put it all in the cart!"

Emily scrolled down.
"Oh......" the two looked at each other and then back at the screen, "Is it just me or does that say..."
"52.95? no it's not just you." Ruthie's shoulders slumped, "Gosh AG has gone up in their prices!"

"We had better get saving!"
"Yup...let's got ell the others."
they jumped down and headed back upstairs to the room to tell the others.

did you know about this big change of Ag's?
are you going to try to get anything before it takes place?



  1. These are sad good-byes we will have to say this year. However, when one door closes another opens...we may have some fun hellos in the future.

    Definitely agree in grimacing with the prices. I wish shipping and tax were less.

  2. Cute photostory, Lu! It is so sad that they're getting rid of all those beautiful dolls, it makes me so angry! I'd like to get Marie-Grace before she retires, if possible. I'd like to get both MG and Cecile together, but I won't have that much money before they go out. :(