Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Trivia Tuesday 4!!!

hiya gals! Y'all ready for the fourth week of Trivia Tuesday?
here are the answers for last week!
And these are from Changes from Samantha......
1. true or false? uncle Gard took Nellie and her sisters back to the orphanage.

2. A valise is
A. a suitcase
B. a purse
C. a jewelry box
3. what did Gertrude think Samantha had in the attic?
She thought Samantha was being a pig and eating all of the valentine cookies.
(hey girls....sorry if this is wrong.....I lost the trivia card and....so I'm kind of guessing :D )

Okay for this weeks questions!
They come from Molly saves the day!
1 true or false? Molly hated to hear miss Butternut blow the morning wake-up call on her Bulge.
2 Tow in the color war, a team had to capture a flag on
A. Butternut Island
B. Chocolate Drop Island
C. Teardrop Island
3 How long was Molly at camp?
A. two weeks
B. four weeks
C. six weeks

Okay girls! good luck!


1 comment:

  1. Ah! I read this book!
    1. False?
    2. B...?
    3. B

    I feel like I got all of these wrong! XD