Thursday, 6 February 2014

Trivia thursday

hi gals! we're starting a new thing on this here blog! and it's called.......*Drumroll* TRIVIA THURSDAY!!!! (or would Tuesday be better? tell below in a comment)
Okay so I'm going to ask you three questions to see how well you remember that particular AG book I will tell you what book it's from.
So let's start!
The book is: Felicity saves the day.
1.) Whom did felicity find hiding in the woods?
A. Penny
2.) Ben wrote a message with
A. mud
B. blood
C.berry juice
3.)Why did Felicity agree not to tell Grandfather about Ben?

Comment below with your answers and I'll post the correct ones next Thursday? (First time doing something like this.....any suggestions? hehe)

Keep warm and thanks for stopping in!
It's Snowing!!!!!!


  1. Ooooh this sounds fun! Great idea, Lu!!! I think Trivia Tuesday sounds good, but whatever one you want to do is great. :)
    Here are my answers!
    1. B. Ben
    2. B. Blood (?)
    3. Grandfather was a Loyalist, and Ben escaped to join the Patriot army, which Grandfather disliked.


  2. Never read it but I've seen the movie so here goes! B., B., and because....... Ben was on a different side then her grandfather??

  3. Ben
    Not sure. Perhaps she was afraid he'd get in trouble.