Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hey Guys!!! this past week my family and I went on vacation!
to Miramar Beach in Destin Florida!
the first night Kit and I shared a "Kit's bar"....from Whole Foods!
I thought that that was so funny!
We had a good view....fifth floor:)

then we decided to do some exploring.....where to first?
lets check the bedroom!

Yay I made it to the top!
Then she flopped....

it's a long way down....

Mom gave B and I a Lego mini figure each....
I got the grandma :)
She's so cute!

I in Lego Friends had a great time too!

grandma: Hi!
me: Hello, do you need a ride?
grandma: Yes please!

Lot's of new cute figures!
B and dad had fun playing golf.....
While mom,Sisters and I went shopping!
We went to Michael's....and I found these on clearance for .50!
I also found these mini gift bags on clearance for .30....they don't have them at ours and I've been needing them for a project!
We had Delicious homemade pizza....
On the way to the pool
We had sooo much fun...
I'll have to post more in a couple of days!
thanks for stopping by