Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Saige and A Dragonfly (AGPS, 07-13-17)

Hullo loves, one of these days I will catch up with  all the photo-shoots I have backed up. Heh. :) Today we have Miss Saige wearing mostly items from Ania's wardrobe...sisters will share, whether they are aware that they are or not. Let's get started.
Mr Dragonfly posed for the camera. :)
Summer dreams.
Well that is all for today. If you aren't aware...I've been vlogging and posting videos once a week on my YT account. I think if you click through to my G+, there should be a link. If you'd like to see what's been going on in my life. :) Thanks for stopping by! Which was your favourite picture?
~Lu & Saige


  1. Lovely photos! My favourite is the dragonfly, followed by the third picture.

  2. The one she took her hat off but is not laying down is ny favorite

    1. Ah yes, I like that one. Thank you for commenting!