Saturday, 11 March 2017

(OG Opening + Review) Plaid to Be Here with Caroline-Rose (02-22-17)

Hullo darlings, today I have another review. This one is Our Generation's 'Plaid To Be Here' set. It's really cute for mix-and-matching, but I'm not  fan of it as a grouped set. Let's get started.
I'd like to make a quick note, this set was not as easy as it would seem to get out. It is not just tied in with white yellow thread, but white also. So keep yours eyes open when cutting the pieces out.
Here's everything: White floral lace stockings, brown rubber flats, plaid skirt, yellow sweater top, and aqua outlined glasses.
I really like this top. It is sure thick and sweet. The collar and cuffs are a starchy white fabric.
It has no tear velcro in sections up the back.
The shoes fit the doll well and are cute enough, though not my prepared style.
Here's a look at the side view.
And the bottom.
The skirt is a stiff fabric and a lovely material.
It is lined like a real skirt.
The white lace stockings are a little hard to get on a doll. They didn't want to fit in the top, I'm afraid if I tried to put these on a PC doll, they wouldn't be able to get on. So keep that in mind. :)
I love how the glasses bring out the blue in Caroline-Rose's eyes. <3
It's not a photo-shoot of Caroline unless she gets a picture with some roses. :)
Well that's all. I hope this was at least a little bit helpful for anyone thinking about purchasing this set. I'm going to rate it 4/5 because the stockings are thin and don't fit well and the glasses sit crooked, but other than that. I'm very glad to have this set for future mix-and-matching! As you can see in our trip photos from the beach a few posts back.
Thanks again! 
What was your favourite picture? Do you prefer yellow or white dandelions?
~Lu & Caroline-Rose

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