Sunday, 19 March 2017

Josefina's Birthday- (AGPS 03-19-17)

A small post today to say that I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, and a good, but short week ahead, also, It's Josie's birthday--so here are a few pictures I just took of her a few minutes ago. XD Enjoy!
 Lils wanted to help me. XD
Alright, that's all there is. I hope you enjoyed this really quick post, if you have Josie, did you do anything for her today? What's the weather like for you? It feels like summer again here. Happy Birthday Josie, girl. We love you. <3
~Lu & Josefina


  1. Happy birthday to a fellow Josefina! It's my birthday too!
    ~ josie

    1. Thanks for commenting!
      I saw your post and it made me check my calendar before I went out to take these pictures. XD Your Josie's post was super cute!

  2. Josefina is such a pretty doll. :) I didn't do much (unfortunately) to celebrate my Josefina's birthday. But she enjoyed watching basketball games for much of the day, so she was happy. ;)
    ~Christian Homeschooler