Saturday, 18 February 2017

(Opening + Reviewing Giveaway) Polka-Dot Pajamas

Hullo ducklings! I'm back again today. You might be curious as to why there's been a post everyday for three days in a row?!? What is this?! Haha, no, I haven't received extra time from the faeries, I'm just procrastinating, and what's a better way, (other than cleaning, which I'm also procrastinating on...) than blogging? Plus It's just been fun seeing all of your comments! It makes me so happy! Anywho, today I have a post reviewing a giveaway prize that I received--was it one or two weeks ago? Anyway, that's the plan. I hope you enjoy dear ones. <3
Here's everything that was in the package.
Here's the host-shop who sponsored the blog's giveaway, check out their shop here!
Miss Marie will be helping us review it today.
"Hm, what's this?" She asked as she spotted the pink robe and emerald green box sitting on her bed.
"I wonder what the note says?" She asked herself, and Meatloaf who was listening as she picked up the note and began reading.
"Ooh! We won a giveaway? That must be what's in the box, Lu didn't tell us. It must be a surprise. Bella's handwriting is so pretty--" She said as she set down the note next to the box on the bed.
"What cute stationery too."
"Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! It's so cute! Look at the pattern! AGh!"
"I am most certainly trying these on. Woot woot, it might be a pjs kinda day."
"Whatttt it has slippers? Look at the doggies."
The pj bottoms have elastic in the waist instead of velcro.
The bottoms are cuffed, adding a really cute touch.
The top velcros instead of working buttons. So very cute.
It's a little big, but with her arms down, it's hard to notice. Besides, who doesn't love sleeping in a big t-shirt?
The slippers fit swimmingly.
Isn't the robe the cutest thing?
After the photo-shoot, Marie smelled something delicious coming from the kitchen...
"Whatcha eating?"
"Smells good, can I have some?"
"Oh, okay."

Yum donuts. (These were found at Target in the dollar section, in case you were wondering)

Well that's all for today's post. Thank you very much to Miss Bella (you can click on her name to check out her blog, which you should totally follow if you don't already..) Thank you for the giveaway and sweet note.
Would you be interested in seeing a V-day post, or should I do another review next? Let me know down below.
Thanks for stopping by!
~Lu & Marie-Grace


  1. I don't know why I didn't see this post sooner! I'm so glad you like the pajamas! :)