Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Birthday Haul 2016: Birthday in Mississippi (Review Lori outfits)

Hullo everyone! Lu here with a post to show you some of the things I was given for my birthday.
Here's the overview.
Pretty cards!
Two Lori doll outfits, a flamingo float for the dolls, Jane Austen book charms, and three miniature keychains.

Planner, note-cards, pen, scrapbook and page protectors, Emily Dickinson poetry, Nikon Coolpix camera and case.
And two suitcase boxes.
Here's the camera.
Lori Doll outfits reviews:
Wonderfully Warm
Lovely Lace

A look at the back of the packaging. 
here's Lovely Lace on Mini Kitty
The top open and closes in the back with velcro. It's very soft and sweet, just be careful for her fingers.
The boots and jeggings.

very cute purse.

This one was a little harder to put on, But Mini Saige does have a cloth body unlike Kitty.

Overall they are very cute. I'd rate them 4 1/2 out of 5.

Trip to Mississippi:
Morning Shadows.
Kit already to go!
The lovely tablescape!

Kit, Marie, and Licorice tagged along.

I was such a cute baby. ;P 

The flamingos have taken over the flowerbed! Lovely pink birds. XD
Begonia daisies. 
After lunch, and before cake, the dollies decided to break into their tea and cupcakes while my older sister went test-driving with my siblings and dad.

Paleo vanilla cupcakes with not so paleo chocolate icing.

And to go with their popsicles instead of plain ice cream, the girls had fudge covered ice cream pops.


Then it was time for us to go check on how the redheaded chickens were doing. One of them was out...

Luckily Jess caught her and put her back in the cage.
 On the way home we stopped by the coffee shop PJ's, I split an iced mocha, with soy milk with mum. It was a little bit too sweet, but still pretty good.

Rainbow cloud.
Well the end of my Birthday month has come to a quick stop, less than a week until school starts, I have a lot of summer projects to get done before then since I have barely touched my list. Oh well, happy August everyone!
Sneak-Peek for the next post:
A New Dollie joins the family....dun dun dun. :P

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