Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Giveaway Opening post: Say Hello To My Little Friends' Giveaway Package 2016

Hullo my friends! The other day, I got a package in the mail from a giveaway that I had won from Flo's lovely little blog. (Click on her name for her blog!)
I'd like to show you what was in the package. My dolls are very excited to have these awesome items to play with. Let's begin!
Here is the overview of everything in the package. 
The first item is this Calvin Klein purse keychain. Which is completely adorable times ten. :D
Caroline-Rose absolutely loves it. We'll be lucky if she ever decides to share it with the others.

(Sorry my pictures are blurry. :) )

The next item,
A Dollie-size guitar!

And lastly,
The My Life as Gardening Play Set
Here is everything the set includes.
The orange plastic watering can.

The dolls can hold it easily.
Two potted plants.
The green growth is removable which is very exciting!
The gardening tools.
And possibly my favourite items. The seed packets. The seeds are on clear plastic and removable from the packaging, which would make making a stopmotion with this set a lot easier. Such a cute detail. Our generation would never have done that.

Well that is everything! Thank you so much Flo for such a lovely giveaway package, and congrats on two years again. There's a more in detail look at everything up on my Youtube. :D
Thanks for stopping by everyone!
More posts coming soon.
~Lu, Saige, Marie and Caroline-Rose


  1. Congrats on winning, glad you are enjoying the prize!! Looks like your dolls are, even if you aren't. ;)