Monday, 4 July 2016

Fourth of July weekend 2015: In Mississippi with Ania (Countdown til Lu's returning Day 7: Post 4)

Hullo everyone! Lu here with Kanani Ania to share with you some pictures from our fourth of July weekend from 2015! Since we aren't home to take new pictures to share with you today, we thought it would be a good idea to set this to publish, so you could still hear from us today. I hope you enjoy!
Let's get started,
Hi! Ania here, Don't you love my outfit? Lu was very proud, she crocheted my Ravenclaw bag, and braided my hair. Kit allowed me to wear her dress because it is so patriotic. I was so excited that Lu decided to bring me with her, it's been awhile since I've made a trip.
Lu and her siblings took the Amtrak train up from Hammond to McComb where their Grandmother picked them up from the station, it was only a 30 minutes ride, and quite exciting for a first timer like myself. Unfortunately Lu didn't get any pictures of me on the train because I was at the bottom of her shoulder bag...and that could have gotten messy.
Once we made it to the station in McComb Mississippi, we went into the museum to take some pictures.

Here's the waiting area inside the station. I love the wooden benches.

Isn't this so cool?! It's a telegram device thing.

Sorry about the glare.

Different train whistles

The train museum was very interesting, I can't wait to get to go again sometime in the future, maybe next time one of the dolls can take some pictures as well.

Part 2.
Once at Grandmother's house...
Kanani was very glad to stretch her legs after being in a bag for two hours.

While looking around in the bedroom, I found this little minecraft figure, he was perfectly my size. I was very glad to find a toy to keep me company, as I hadn't had room to pack much. (I gave him to Saige when I got home, because she's into that kinda stuff)


I also got to watch the first few episodes of BBC's Merlin series. Very interesting, I love the costumes! :D
Then it was time for a snack of pretzels.
The Blueberries were ripe and in great need of picking and eating.
I was glad to help.
Uh oh! A green one!

Pretty trees.

Time for night 1.
I put my hair up in a hairband to keep it out of my face while I slept, also in hope to not have to take out my braid for the next day.

Day 2. The fourth.
Good morning everyone! Time for day two of my travels in the country. Today Lissie had packed me a red tunic to go with a pair of white jeans and Lanie's meet shoes(blue with a yellow bow and white sole).

By the time lunch had rolled around I was very hot from being outside and glad for the air conditioning.

Lu had packed macaroni and cheese, a bag of chips, a sparkle water, and some candy for dessert.

Then it started to rain, and if you've never tasted blueberries dusted with fresh raindrops, my gosh, you're missing out on something.

Not after long it was time for Lu's family to head back home, because the chickens had been left out that morning and they had to beat the sunset.
And that is all for this post! I hope you enjoyed taking a look at what Lu did last year around this time. 
This year she is somewhere completely different, and we dolls are missing her dreadfully, but we know she's having fun, and that is indeed something. There should (hopefully) be a new post up day after tomorrow. Lu had the idea of posting as many of her back lagged posts as she could get ready while she's on the trip. Which means you'll be seeing more random posts than not. :P
Much love from us Dollies!
Stay chill,
~Lu and Ania

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