Thursday, 30 June 2016

Spring Break 2016, with Ruthie (Countdown until Lu's return Day: 3 Post: 2)

Hullo peeps of the internet. For Spring-Break (I had the week before Easter off, which really stinks. But hey, a little is better than none), me and my siblings went to stay with our grandparents for a couple of nights. I took this chance to bring Ruthie along for a change of scenery. 
Yay! We made it.
Big room.
Yes it is, but we have to share it with sisters.
Oh boy, this should be interesting. ;P
Is that the bed? 
You can just leave your suitcase here, we'll unload later.
Alright. May I flop on the bed? It looks so comfy!
Oh that feels so much better! Don't tell Lu's sister I didn't take my sandals off before flopping on her pillow. Hehe...
I love big beds.
The sunset's pretty, why don't you come and take some pictures?
 The sunset was so pretty from the upstairs window the first night. Unfortunately the phone I was using was unable to capture the colour, and Ruthie's camera is so tiny I can't see the picture she took.
Time for bed.

Good night everyone.

*Day Two*
Let's see what Lissie packed for me to wear today...
Ooh, Grace's Sightseeing outfit.
(This outfit is so cute on Ruthie.)

After lunch Ruthie and I went outside to catch the sunshine and take some pictures.

Ruthie also found a tree she could climb.
Then we went back in for the air conditioning. 

The rest of these pictures are form the third day of our stay.

Cute little kitchen Lu's mawmaw has for her cousin.

Then it was time to head home.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it is July and these were taken back in April. But ya know what? That's okay. 
If you can remember, tell me what you did for Spring break down in the comments. And which day's outfit you liked best!

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