Wednesday, 8 June 2016

My Sister's doll Kirsten's Birthday. (AGPS-2016, June)

Hullo lovelies! Yesterday, while the sun was setting, and procrastinating about tidying my room, I had the urge to take doll pictures. So I checked my binder to see when the next birthday was, and turns out, today, June 8th, is Kirsten's birthday! So I swooped Kirsten up, grabbed some accessories, and headed outside to get some pictures for all of you. I hope you enjoy!
 Her outfit consists of: Addy's summer dress, some doll shoes I found at an antique store, Marie Grace's meet bonnet, a wicker outfit, and top and drawstring bag are from Caroline's accessories.

Happy 8th. of June! 
I know, it's been like forever since I last posted. I'm honestly sorry about that, but I'm doing my best, I just get tired and discouraged about it sometimes. But don't worry, there will be more soon. 
Thank goodness for summer break, go away heat. Ten weeks until my birthday!! I'm just a little bit excited. XD
My next post will be on my May music recital and should be up early next week at latest. Hopefully.
If you have a Kirsten dear, tell her happy birthday for us girls at Redhead's dollhouse. 
Thanks for stopping by my Blog!
Comment down below your favourite Historical American Girl Doll, and your favourite picture!
Until next time!
~Lu & Kirsten

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