Sunday, 2 November 2014

It's beginning to look...

Hullo all of you awesome people! How are you? I have been being so lazy about posting. Please forgive me. I haven't even done Saige's party yet. Maybe this week. Any way! The Christmas tree is going up tonight...yay!!! I was looking through past posts yesterday and I was surprised at how this blog has grown! My bloganiversery is coming up in a couple days! Thank you for reading my ramblings, here are just a few pictures, sorry this is so short. I am on my mum's tablet.
Happy November! (all ready?!?)



  1. Oh YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! We MUST have a christmas call!

  2. Christmas decorations already? Wow, you get started early!! Can't wait to see your upcoming posts!

  3. Christmas tree already?
    Hehe... I guess this gives me incentive to start decorating already. Prepare for a Christmas decoration explosion. xD