Friday, 3 October 2014

Gabbi, 18?!?!

This post is for one of my bestest friends!
Today is Gabbi's B-day, sooo I'm going to pull out some of those pictures that she wished i didn't'm not going to be that mean!
Here's just a bunch of random picture I found in my stash ;P




so pwetty.
2207 anyone? this is at Gabbi's eleventh B-day party, she had an AG spa...she got Josefina that day!


Disney loving Gabbi, we dressed up like princesses several months ago. she was Meg.

there's the embarrassing picture ;P

That's Gabbi, if it wasn't for her, I probably wouldn't have most of the hobbies I have today. She's sweet, outgoing, loving, a great friend and she's always making people smile, she makes me happy and makes me feel like i can do things. We've known her for seven years,  I couldn't believe it when I realised she was actually going to be eighteen this year. but now she is. We'll just have to see where the next year brings us, i suppose, unless anyone knows a time lord.
She's like an older sister, only...she's not annoying! heh heh, ;P so yeah, that's Gabbi. I'm going to stop rambling on now, this is probably sounding really strange. I'm not good at writing this type of stuff! oh well!
I Love you Gabbers. 


there are a lot of hidden links to songs in this post, just because ;)
P.P.S. there was another picture i really wanted to post...but i couldn't find it!


  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful friend.

  2. Thank you Lu!!!! I love you and I'm so blessed to have yall in my life(; you are all so supportive and caring! I'm so excited to see what the lord has in store for our framilyship((; I love these pictures btw!(:

  3. Great pictures! Happy belated birthday, Gabbi. :)