Friday, 17 October 2014

Another Great finds!

Hullo All! this is another one of those posts i meant to post...a week or more ago! Ah well! I'll post this, and then B's B-day post! so here we go! time for another great finds post!
our first item are these mini spoons from Walmart.
I bought matching spoons awhile back, and thought we could use these, because spoons are hard to come by! these were like 2.00$

Here is Lissy to show you!
They can hold them nicely!
Our Next item up is this little I-Spy book thingy...
I have no idea when we got this...but Bren told me it came from a it must have been quite some time ago!
But It is the perfect size!
here's Ruthie with it!
the magnifying glass.... 
Here's the booklet

And next...we have...this item that I bought at Walmart, 
it was 1.97...and it is supposed to be an ornament...

It's a mask!
It is shiny gold, 
I think it will be perfect, I might add a stick..or a ribbon so they can hold it/wear it.

 Thank you Girls for modelling for me!
 Aren't they so pretty?
Time for a re-cap!
Becca with the mask. :Walmart in Christmas stuff.
Lissy with Spoons. :Walmart in party area.

Ruthie with I-spy mini kit. : (I have no idea! sorry!)

hope you enjoyed! What would you guys like to see more of on my Blog? comment down below!
Until next! Happy October!


  1. Hey Lu,
    m'dear this is so cute! I love the minature things, especially the mask! XD

  2. I love the mini spoons and mask! Super cute! :)