Sunday, 10 August 2014

early B-day in Mississippi 2014.

Hi everyone! sooo....yesterday, four of the girls and our family headed up to Mississippi to visit my grandparents, and dogs.
They were so pretty!
here i am with Kit...

 as most of you know, it is a week until my B-day...and so yesterday we celebrated it with My grandparents.
Jess, at the keyboard, crazy goose.

the cake turned out so well!

i blew them alllllll out with One breath!!!
 Group picture!!!!!
and Ruthie, got the last cookie from a couple days ago.
 And.....Today! catie and mumsy let me open an early B-day present! (it is only a week until.... :D)

they put together a look a like outfit for me to look like Saige!
Earrings and all!

Thanks for stopping by!

~Lu and Kit,


  1. Awwwwww! I hope you had a lovely day and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! XD

  2. Very cool! Looks alike a great gathering and celebration. I love the outfits. And the cake looks delicious - homemade!