Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Back to School Giveaway August 2014 (*Closed*)

Hullo everyone! Lu here,
I just wanted to let everyone know, I had an awesome B-day; thank you all for your wishes! I'll post a video of what I got very very soon!
And don't forget to try and figure out what that lyric of the day is from!

But today's real post is about something else: we're hosting another giveaway! Yes, for all of you who are already back to school, or some of us haven't started yet, either way! We would like you to enter!
There will be two drawings with two different prizes. Let's show you!

What you can win:
front view of the box.
the back of the box.

Our first prize is "Olivia's Ice Cream bike." This is a really cute set, and I thought one of you might enjoy this!

Our second prize is this package:
Full view.

I put this set together. It includes stuff that I myself would enjoy winning, and some stuff that might be helpful for you in school! 
It includes:
(1) mini sewing kit(Great for stuffing in a purse or backpack for quick repairs!)
(1) AG school smarts book (this is the old old one, it was published in 2000! so...I don't know how much help it would be...but it's still a cool book, if only to add to your collection!)
(1) "Kit Learns a Lesson" book, 
(1) Small green glow-in-the-dark lamp 
(1) Pink mini bubbles
(1) Mini sticky note stack
a pack of mini-ish markers and coloured pencils,
this-and-that art supplies
(1) Pencil sharpener (It doubles as a purse for your doll!!!)
and a pack of paper dolls 

Are you excited? Do you want to enter? And win! Okay, it's easy. Scroll down, and there's a box from RaffleCopter. That's how you enter. Easy, right?
Unfortunately, there can only be two winners, and they ARE random--I repeat-- random drawings, I am not playing favourites or anything. I'm also afraid...that I can't ship worldwide, just to those girls in the states. I'm sorry girls! but shipping is soo expensive! Maybe in the future!

Let's go back over what you can win.
The first name drawn wins the package of school/doll stuff.
 The second person drawn...gets the Lego Friends set!

Please enter below!


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  1. My Favourite thing about getting back to school would definitely be seeing all my friends again!

  2. My fave thing is the Same as Lisa's. I have missed my friends and seeing them is the best! :)


  3. I posted on google plus! :)

  4. BTW-Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  5. Well, we had a blackout! But here is the link to my google plus post!

  6. being able to hang out with my best friends boys and girls