Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Trivia Tuesday episode 3

Hiya! y'all ready for more trivia? first let's go back over last weeks questions!
The questions were......
1. Singing Bird lived in a
A. tepee
the answer is......A. a tepee....some of you got this right, Good job everybody!
2. What was the name of Kirsten's Indian friend?
Answer is......Singing Bird! Good job again!
3. Singing Bird left many gifts for Kirsten. which of the following wasn't a gift from Singing Bird?
A.a small woven basket
B. pair of moccasins
C.a green feather
Answer is..... B. a pair of moccasins!
Good job everyone who got them right!
Now for this weeks questions!!!!
And these are from Changes fr Samantha......
1. true or false? uncle Gard took Nellie and her sisters back to the orphanage.
2. A valise is
A. a suitcase
B. a purse
C. a jewelry box
3. what did Gertrude think Samantha had in the attic?

well galls that's it for this week! don't forget to comment below with your answers! the answers will be posted next Tuesday along with the new questions! good luck!



  1. 1. True
    2. A suitcase
    3. A dog.

    I haven't read Samantha's stories so I'm just guessing. However, I know I got #2 correct. :)

  2. 1. False?
    2. A Suitcase or Small Traveling Bag.
    3. I don't know so I will just go with Melody's answer! A Dog! :)

  3. 1. False
    2. A...?
    3. Ummm... people?