Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A trip to the miniature's world......

Hullo Lady's!
Today Kit and the other girls are going to take a break......we are going up stairs to the redhead's room.....says Kit. as you have seen in past posts I'm not Just an AG girl.......I love miniatures of all kinds! so let's take a trip into 1/12  scale! you ready?
so this is just a big three story house.......
I'm turning it into a boarding school! (it's just what I felt like right now ;))
A little tour and a photo story for you!

here's the front gate.

new student being escorted by her grandfather.
Joanna and her grandad 

lady's first

this is the Headmaster's wife.
here's a full view of the first floor :D

dining area

the headmaster in the welcome area.

and a little school nook.

Well that's it for today!