Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas eve and Christmas day!

Hullo everybody!!!
this is one of those Long posts I have been meaning to do for a week :D
here we go It might be long!
I got A dollhouse family for Christmas!!!!
Pa,Ma,Mary,Laura and Carry!
I also got the Lego friends parrot
and hedgehog!
And I got Mini Saige!
Okay let's jump to Christmas maw-maw's house :D
I had just gotten the package.....
I opened the package and Guess what was inside!!!

her hair is the Exact same color as mine!!!

this is her ring it's tiny! (It looks like one that Jane Austen would've worn!)

I also got Mini Caroline!
Kit was soooo excited to get a new sister!

her hair is so long!

Back at home later that night......
Kit: hey girls! Guess what we got for Christmas?
Close your eyes!
Girls: okay....
Kit: Okay you can open them!
I have the honor of introducing all of you to *Drum roll* Saige!!!!
*Group Hug!*
this is her outfit.
me and Kit decided to dress alike for X-mas eve
in our coats!
okay time for X-mas morning!
Kit got some new flats to go with he Regency gown!
B got me a sleigh for the dollhouse!
Santa gave me a Coffee grinder!
and I got Kit's stationary!

J got me some really nice stationary too!

Saige got a holiday outfit!
it's gorgeous on her!

Emily got some new pj's!

Kanani tried on the new skating outfit!

we also got my land!!!!

well that's it for now we got some other things that can wait til next time :D
hope you had A great Christmas!
thanks for stopping by!



  1. Looks like an awesome Christmas. Saige matches you very well. Love the skating outfit and the Lego friends items. Kit's stationery set is wonderful!

  2. On our blog you should do a post about Kanani's Opinion of Saige.