Tuesday, 5 November 2013

...... :D

Hi Everybody!
Been awhile since I posted.... :)
These are some pics from B's party :)
it was a Lego craziness party :)
But we girls dressed up :D

I found this at my local grocery store...
It's a doll mop!
 I also found these at DG...Perfect Dollhouse scale!
                       My dad went to Dallas last week...... :D
He brought this home for me :)
The mystery bag!!
a box!


And the treasures!!!
Now Kit and I can match more often :)
Kit looks great in it!

and now some pics from halloween :)

I went as Anne Shirley...

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Nice! You look so pretty in historic dresses. You are so lucky! But I'm glad for you. :) Now your dolls and my dolls can match! they both have the same exclusive t-shirt, except mine says Atlanta on it and yours says Dallas.

  2. Great photos! I love the outfit you are wearing in the first three. And your costume is great.
    We have the Chicago version of that shirt. It's great!

    1. I really want to go to the Chicago store! and thank you my sister is very good at picking out costumes :)

  3. I also have some of those candy LEGO blocks! My sister's friend gave them to us.